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Marché Duluth vous présente Caloon Saloon le 13 septembre


Le répertoire du Caloon Saloon puise dans la musique traditionnelle américaine en général (country, folk, bluegrass, cajun, etc) en plus de revisiter certaines pièces contemporaines et d’y aller de chansons originales.

Le Caloon Saloon, c’est 4 amis (Toots Caloon, Backdoor Caloon, Lil’Buck Caloon et Pontiak Caloon) et une floppée d’instruments (mandoline, guitares, banjo, dobro, contrebasse, planche à laver, harmonica, jug et kazoo) qui s’entassent sur une scène pour jouer, chanter, raconter et vous convaincre que la musique country-folk est loin d’être morte.

À l'affiche dimanche le 6 septembre : Glenn Patterson


I began playing guitar when I was 12 because I wanted to do some wicked two-hand tapping solos like Eddie Van Halen. I had somewhat peculiar tastes for my age and soon moved on to playing blues and later some jazz. I got hooked on rural music very early when I happened to take out Taj Mahal's, "Giant Steps" and a Sonny Terry & Brownie McGhee record from the local library in the summer after the eighth grade. I've become involved in traditional American fiddle and banjo music in the last six years. Sometime in first year university, I heard Doc Watson and like many other musicians, that changed everything for me. I eventually learned to flatpick the guitar and soon added clawhammer banjo and later, fiddle to my bag o' tricks. I play fiddle and banjo almost exclusively these days. I've devoted a lot of energy to studying the fiddle and banjo music of east Kentucky.

I currently play in three bands: Little Brown Jug, a trio with two women who sing wonderful harmonies on old bluegrass, old-time, and ballad songs. They also back me up on a fiddle tune occasionally which is a lot of fun. The other is the Royal Mountain Ramblers who do rock, pop, reggae in a bluegrass setting. Sometimes, they let me tag on an old fiddle tune to the end of a song; like Copperhead Road into Washington's March. The third band I play in is the Bogghoppers with Tyler Rudolph and Dara Weiss. We do a little bluegrass and old-time, original and traditional, and have even worked out some wicked dance medleys for playing square-dances. Can you say Boggerhopper Stomp?

Nos affiches pour diffuser par nos amis du Marché Duluth

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À l'affiche dimanche le 30 août : The Boghoppers!

Un petit goût des Boghoppers :

Une autre raison pour appuyer notre VRAI marché des fermiers


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Foodie, Beware

Is your farmers market just a grocery store with a taco stand and a didgeridoo?

Marché Duluth vous présente Whistlepig le 23 août


Whistlepig est une formation montréalaise composée de six instruments à cordes et douze poumons. Le groupe joue la musique country traditionnelle des Appalaches.